2600 meters closer to the stars!

From the hill of Monserrate, at 3200 meters above the sea level, is seen one of the most impressive cities in Latin America. With a population approaching eight million inhabitants, Bogota is a modern, bustling, colorful, cosmopolitan, and full of activity city. It has luxurious malls, wide avenues, parks, libraries and museums.

Since its founding, the August 6, 1538, the old neighborhood of La Candelaria has maintained its importance as a center of political, economic, cultural and student activity. Here is located the Nariño Palace, The National Congress Building, The Bolivar Square, Gold Museum, and many universities and cultural centers. However, La Candelaria continues to have that look and taste of the old colonial towns. It is worth visiting.


Colombian territory is tropical. Its main feature is the absence of seasons. Colombia will always be flowered and our trees never lose their leaves. In all cases, the temperature and the climate depending on location and the height above sea level. Our climate system is bimodal, meaning some sunnier and others rainy months. In general, December, January and February, and June and July are the months you will find a very favorable climate; although it is always nice to have a jacket handy. Weather in Bogotá always vary between 7 and 24 degrees C.

Changes in the height imply changes in temperature. If you travel by car two hours south of Bogota, can be found with a height of 290 meters above sea level and a temperature between 28 and 34 degrees. To not be a surprise, always ask in advance by the average temperature of the places you plan to visit.

Foreign Currency:

The change in Colombia is free and stable trading. In most establishments must be paid with local currency, although many receive debit or credit cards issued outside of Colombia. Ask for the official rate of the dollar or Euro.

Accommodation in the City:

To fully enjoy the city, be sure to be in the right place. You need comfort, safety, be near what you need, easy to get around, be able to enjoy by night in a fine restaurant or a piano bar and take advantage of the charms of a big city. 

Let us advice regarding the most suitable place in town where you can stay, according to your plans.


The Best Coffee Around The World!!!

For more than half of the twentieth century, coffee was our most important product in international markets. Although coffee has been passed in the values ​​of exports by other mineral products (oil and its derivatives, ferronickel, gold and coal), the quality of Colombian Coffee still the highest in the world. When buying coffee, make sure it is of gourmet export type. A delightful experience to enjoy a day out of Bogotá, is to go to a coffee plantation where you will have the opportunity to tour the coffee plantations, picking the beans and make the whole process to get a delicious cup of coffee from the world's best quality. See Tour to the coffee plantation.

The Countryside:

Dear visitor: remember that Colombia is very much more than cities. Colombia is music, folklore, tropic, food, traditions, legends, vegetation, ecology, history and very much more. Only 50 years ago, 70% of the Colombian population lived in the countryside and only 30% in the cities. Colombia is a country of peasant tradition and, therefore, our roots are also in the countryside. 



Bogota is the capital of the Republic of Colombia and the province of Cundinamarca. Colombia is a tropical country. We do not have seasons. The climate is determined by the height above sea level. In Bogota, for example, at 2600 meters above sea level (8530 feet). The average temperature is 14 ° C. The minimum may be at 4 ° C and the maximum to 25 ° C. It never snows and trees never lose their leaves. The climate system is bimodal: We have two dry periods in the year, very sunny, blue skies, without being too hot, between December and March and between July and September and two rainiest periods between April and June and between October and December. Anyway, it does not rain too much! And if we want a day of warm weather in the middle of the rainy season? Easy: We drive south and in less than two hours away, we are on the banks of the Magdalena River, 289 meters (950 feet), with an average temperature of 30 ° C. all year! But it's not only the temperature: As one descends, the tropics is manifested in all its glory! The vegetation is lush and green, the colors more intense, more natural smells... Browse the local market in a small town of medium or hot climate is an extraordinary experience for the vast variety of colorful fruits and vegetables from the countryside! And the smells, which whet your appetite! And then, coffee plantations, orchid, of all flowers! And the valleys, and the towering Andes Mountains!

And if we go north? The villages of the Bogotá Savanah, with its cheerful activity, fill the visitor's senses! Land of chieftains and indigenous shamans, lakes with gold bottom , Cathedrals in caves inconceivable, in the depths of the salt mines; stories of Indians, wars, indecipherable oracles of treasures, tranquil lakes with pine forests ... the land of the ancestors, our grandparents, with his sweet music and singsong tones guitars ...

Gold and Emeralds!!!

Indigenous cultures that shaped in gold the past of our nation, occupied for thousands of years the ancestral lands of the Colombian Andes. The Gold Museum is the most important institution of Culture in Colombia, where one can see through its pieces, the deepest roots of our nation. It is not an ordinary museum. It is listed as one of the top 20 museums around the world. Tells fascinating stories of indigenous communities, ancestral cultures, jungles, breathtaking mountains that caress the sky with his fingers in snow, fabulous treasures lost since immemorial times in the misty heights of the Andes, enigmatic shamans, ambitious conquerors, pious monks and valiant Indians who drew with blood, between the cross and the sword, the lost trails of the history of our nation. The ancestral goldsmith techniques, passed down from generation to generation since immemorial times, are still in force in Colombia. Skilled craftsmen continue producing true artworks in gold and emeralds.

The Emeralds:

Colombia produces the purest and most beautiful emeralds in the world, with a 55% of world production. The emerald mines are located in the department of Boyacá, just two hours from Bogota, which makes this city its natural market.

From immemorial times, these precious stones along with gold pieces, were used by our ancestors as offerings to their gods. Today, exports of emeralds is one of the most important lines of the Colombian economy. Its price is lower than anywhere else in the world. If among your plans in our country includes to invest in an emerald, be sure to find a reliable dealer, who guarantees in writing price and quality. Note that if you pay by credit card and has an official invoice, which you have paid in taxes will be refunded. For an addition US$ 5 per tour, add to any choice of City Tour a visit to the Emerald Museum.