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Do you know what "PUEBLIAR?" Means

If you do not know, let me invite you to follow this link:


This is a different form of tourism in which we travel a region or make a trip between cities, in a given period of time of minimum two days. Bogota Henry Tours suggests attractions that can be visited on the road, and you can also propose yours. It's an invitation to research and a bit of adventure. The real target is to mix between the Colombian people in their environment and to know aspects of everyday life, landscape, villages, flavours, smells ... THE NATION!


Lake Tota Lake is one of the most spectacular sceneries in Colombia, both for its natural beauty and the Andean environment that exists in the countryside of Boyacá.

With an area of 70 km2 is the country's largest natural lake. It is located in the Eastern Mountain Range, which is part of the Andes, about 260 km. north of Bogota, 3115 meters high. It is the second highest lake in South America, after Titicaca. The temperature in surroundings is variable between 4 and 16 degrees. The minimum influence of Spanish colonization in the region preserved the spirit of the South American Andes in the high mountains.

See: Influence of colonization in the South American Andes: 



It is an adventure of the senses! Is the experience of touring the small villages and territories of the authentic inhabitants of the Andes in their midst, no cultural contamination, no barriers ... in many cases, you will notice is the first foreigner with whom they have contact!!!

• AND THE NATURAL LANDSCAPE: SPLENDID!!! In its blue waters like the Caribbean, white sand beach awaits for us...

• AND NAVIGATE!!! And Reach the islands of San Pedro and Santa Elena and climb the hill to breathe the pure air and the landscape around it… FASCINATING!!!

• AND TRY YOUR LUCK IN FISHING RAINBOW TROUT... What if you carried a surprise?

• AND IF YOU LIKE PHOTOGRAPHY?, This is for you!!!

• AND MANY STORIES! Legends, traditions, indigenous myths...

This is the true Colombia!!!

From our ancestors…
From our traditions…
From our folklore!

This tour is "puebliao". You know what "PUEBLIAR" mean? Follow this link: 


The basic plan suggested is as follows:

  • Day 1: Bogotá, Boyacá Bridge, Tibasosa, Tópaga, Monguí, Tota.
  • Day 2: Day at Tota: Sailing to the islands and walk Pozo Azul
  • Day 3: Return via Playa Blanca, Iza, Cuitiva, Paipa.


No.Pax 1 2 3 4+
Price Per Person USD 986 548 399 Ask


  • Lunch in a Typical Restaurant 3 days
  • Boat trip to White Beach and the islands             
  • Coffee Break 3 days
  • Professional English-Spanish Tourism Professional Guide
  • Exclusive transportation by private car 

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From USD 399

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  1. Bogotá
  2. Puente de Boyacá
  3. Tunja
  4. Tópaga
  5. Monguí
  6. Lago de Tota
  7. Playa Blanca
  8. Cuítiva
  9. Iza
  10. Firavitoba
  11. Pantano de Vargas
  12. Bogotá