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It is truly fascinating this place, where the birds are free! They live in the forest and come to the garden to feed themselves! And dozens of them arrive! One can sit by the garden and if you do not make much noise, hummingbirds will fly a few inches from you! It's a magical moment! You can be in the garden for up to three hours or tour the grounds of the property. There is also a small craft shop with objects, T-shirts and other items, all related to hummingbirds. You can take pictures or videos a few inches away. It is a real privilege to feel surrounded by these tiny beings, iridescent colours, flying around!

The hummingbird is the smallest bird on the planet: some species can measure less than 40 millimeters! They are animals with flashy plumages ranging from metallic green to bright red, blue, emerald green, yellow ... In many prehispanic cultures have been subject of legends and traditions, as in Mayan mythology or the Nazca lines. It is considered a bird of good fortune, and in its colours and the joy of its flight is reflected happiness!

In each geographical area, in each climate there are varied species, with significant differences between them. Near Bogota, in the high Andes of Colombia, in the middle of a spectacular landscape at 3,000 meters above sea level (9,000 feet), there is this incomparable place! The visit is complemented by explanations, traditions, myths and legends related to these birds.

Later we go new Guatavita, a beautiful town on the banks of the Dam of Tominé. Although the Muisca Indians inhabited the region for centuries before, Guatavita was formally founded by the Spanish in 1593. To give way to the construction of a dam, in 1967 Guatavita was moved to a higher area where a town of colonial architecture was built Old Guatavita was submerged forever!

In addition to tour its streets, we will go to the shops where local artisans offer specially woven in wool. We will have a delicious lunch and then return to Bogota.

For nature lovers, birdwatchers or simply people who want to make contact with the silent world of the high Andes, this is an extraordinary experience!


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  • Door-to-door transport by private car
  • Coffee break,
  • Entrance tickets to the garden,
  • Lunch in a typical restaurant.
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