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I'm Henry Mariño.

Over thirty years of experience in guiding foreign visitors through Colombia, our beautiful country.

•       WE MAKE A LIVING TOURISM (DIVE): It is an experience of the senses, which runs through the territory and have direct contact with its people and their environment, how people live. Sounds, tastes, smells, landscapes, textures, traditions, legends, local histories...

•        PERFECT FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC TOURISM: Each photograph provided by management on TripAdvisor and all listed on my website are my own!! 

•        PRIVATE TOUR: Exclusive for you, your family and friends, from attention to a single traveler to the size of your group.

 •        FLEXIBLE: Tours tailored according to your preferences.

 •        WITH A FRIEND: More than a guide, I am your friend in Colombia.

•        HIGH CULTURAL CONTENT: I do not dictate classes; as we travel our paths, I propose participatory dialogue on topics of interest: Culture, history, geography, folklore, music, anthropology, legends, traditions, politics, economics, Colombia today...

•        PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH-SPANISH TOUR GUIDE: Professional Card No. 023 issued by the Professional Council of Tourist Guides. National Registry of Tourism of Colombia No. 8392.


Enjoy an experience that will leave a much greater understanding of the history, culture and values of our nation and lots of fun at the same time!

I wait for you! 

Your friend in Colombia,

Henry M.

The Hummingbirds Garden Barichara, Santander
Lake Tota, Boyacá Colombian Andes Colombia is passion !!!

Our Commitment

Henry Marino Lopez, 023 Licensed Professional Association of Tourist Guides and RNT 8392 the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, is fully responsible for the product quality of the services described in their programs as stipulated in the Act 300 1996. We are committed to compliance with law 679 of 2001 on a prevention of prostitution, pornography, sex tourism and other forms of sexual abuse of children and adolescents.